Following the adoption of the Master Fixture List for 2020, Limerick GAA launched an information campaign to promote and emphasise the extent of games organised and facilitated each year in Limerick.

“We felt that we needed to shout a little louder about the extent of voluntary community effort made by Limerick GAA which can sometimes be taken for granted, thus we needed to repackage the message.

Every week in every community there are games in your local GAA club in Limerick where everyone is welcome. If not competitive games, you will have training games, but there is sport and recreation in every community in Limerick, urban and rural, organised by the GAA which runs into thousands of fixtures annually” said Michael O Riordan County Secretary

Limerick County Board Chairman John Cregan added “ We researched this activity more closely this year as we prepared the master fixture list and the analysis tells us that the numbers of games runs into thousands of fixtures annually. This is when you examine the full breadth and spectrum of participation from training games to colleges to underage blitz`s, championship matches and so on. When you add it all together the final number of training sessions and games is not far away from 10,000.

In many ways these games keep communities going, it gives a focus, something to talk about and brings people together and of course a chance, especially for younger children, to celebrate their sporting heroes locally.”

The Limerick GAA fixtures programmes kicked off this week with the progression of the Under 21 Club Championships and the Master Fixture list can be viewed at