Co Op Superstores Munster Senior Hurling Cup Result
Limerick 4-29, Kerry 0-11 (FT)
Massive congratulations to Barry Nash, who captained Limerick in last Sundays opening competitive game for 2022. What a great achievement and honour for Barry and South Liberties Club. Best wishes now for the final next weekend V Clare.
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Work on the walking track is still in progress but we have asked the contractor to make it suitable for daytime use. Sections of the track are complete and those that are not fully complete, are suitable for pedestrian use. Unfortunately, we do not yet have lighting but the loop around the all-weather pitch benefits from the lighting when the pitch is in use which is most weekday evenings between 6 and 10.
Our Parish Lotto is back up and running the last few weeks so anyone willing to be included, please log onto our website, or contact the club .
Facilities Update from our Treasurer Maurice Barrett:
The following is an update members and patrons on the great progress we made in 2021 in upgrading and maintaining the facilities at Dooley Park.
Main Pitch – has been widened from 73m to 80m. This required the removal of most of the walking track and light poles, replacement with soil and reseeding. With a new overall pitch dimension of 80m x 142m, we are within the GAA guidelines (Min Width = 80m, Max Width = 90m Min Length = 130m, Max Length = 145m)
A program of sanding and drainage was then undertaken for the complete pitch. In excess of €20,000 was spent on the works. We also repaired and replaced some of the stop nets which had been damaged due to age and weather. Bases have been installed and dugouts will be constructed in the new year.
Walking Track – we were successful in getting part funding from Ballyhoura Development towards the cost of installing a new walking track which circles both the juvenile and all-weather pitches. It will be approx. 600m outer loop or 750m in total. It was hoped that a dedicated lighting solution would be incorporated with these works but unfortunately, we were required to apply for planning permission for this. We have progressed with the walking track nonetheless and this is at an advanced stage. Progress has been slower than anticipated but we hope to have it available for use early in the new year. We are installing seats at various locations along the walking track and have offers of sponsorship for these. The seat bases are being installed as the walking track is being completed and the seats are on order. Again, there has been a delay in supply due to material shortages, but we are promised delivery in February. We have also applied for planning permission for the lights, and we will look at how these can be funded and installed once this is granted. Whilst the walking track is not completed, we have asked the contractor to get it to a condition where it is functional for daytime use, and this is currently the case.
All-weather pitch – there was some maintenance required to the upper nets and goal nets. Due to the size of the pitch, it is important that these nets remain intact to stop balls being sent over the sides. We would remind everybody that climbing over the fences and entry other than through the gate is not allowed and is unsafe. We operate a booking system for use of the facility and anybody wishing to use it should contact a member of the committee. We encourage outside interest in renting the Astro as a source of income in maintaining it.
Club house – we have recently completed an upgrade of our security systems in order to be compliant of safety and insurance requirements. The fire and security alarms were of older technology and have now been replaced with a system that allows for remote access and monitoring and are certified to compliance. In conjunction with these works, a CCTV security system has been installed. This provides 24/7 recorded monitoring with cameras covering all areas surrounding the clubhouse, car park and nearside pitches.
Trees & Hedges – some trees at the entrance which were in a dangerous condition have been removed and we engaged a contractor to reduce the height of the hedge to the left of the roadway leading to the main pitch
We would like to thank the volunteers, contractors and suppliers who got behind these projects and a number of other facility related works during the year. As well as finishing what has been started, we have identified a number of other maintenance and improvement works for the coming year. We trust on our members support as we run fundraising for these and would appreciate any volunteer effort when we reach out on works that just need a few pairs of hands. Indeed, any ideas as to how we can improve our facilities are most welcome.
The facilities at South Liberties are admired by many people who visit the club and are a credit to all those people who have promoted them over the years. Our players are the lifeblood of the club and by having safe, functional, and well maintained facilities, we facilitate their growth and development.
Our Club membership will be coming up for renewal in the coming weeks. Log onto our website and under the finance heading, there is a link that will bring you direct to our Klubfunder Page. Or you can click on the blue bar button “Sign Up” at the top of our Facebook page which will bring you directly to Klubfunder also.