Press Release – Munster GAA Club Development Grants 2022

Munster GAA is pleased to announce the return of Club Development Grants from Central Council and Munster Council after a 2 year absence due to Covid-19.
The Club Development grants are a very important and tangible form of support from Central Council and Munster Council to clubs seeking to develop new facilities and improve existing ones. The window for the Club Development Grants for 2022 is now opened.
The overall scheme consists of two schemes rolled in to one – Central Council and Munster Council with the overall budget to be confirmed once applications have been submitted and considered.
The scheme consists of 7 categories of funding at club level. The Munster closing date for grant applications shall be Friday October 7th but clubs are advised to submit their applications to their County Safety and Facilities Officer before the end of September.
Check out the Clubs section of the Munster GAA web site ( to read the guidelines and download the relevant Application Forms. Further details can also be sought from your County Safety and Facilities Officer.
Bob Ryan
Munster GAA PRO