Mungret St. Pauls 2-18 Na Pirasaigh 3-6
This was the first match for Mungret St. Pauls of 2021 which saw the close of the 2020 season in the Division 1 shield final against NaPiarsaigh played in Mick Neville Park in a slightly breezy but sunnyevening on Monday 7 June 2021. Mungret St. Pauls had a strong start,mid way through they looked like they were running on empty with NaPiarsaigh making up the defecate score to level the game but Mungret St. Pauls found a second wind and powered through to the final whistle to win in style. It only took Mungret St. Pauls 10 minutes to rack up a score of 6 points before Na Piarsaigh hit back with two points from frees. A few minutes later, Mungret St. Pauls had a great run up the left of the pitch and a perfectly sought pass to the centre infront of the goals saw the first goal of the game to Mungret St. Pauls. Ther was a share of points between both sides before Na Piarsaigh who knew their only way back was to score goals managed to get the ball into the back of the net, this left 5 points in the difference as the half time whistle came. Mungret St. Pauls 1-9 Na Piarsaigh 1-4.
Mungret St. Pauls reopened the score board with a placed ball point, Na Piarsaigh reopened their score with their second goal. Another point from a free came for Mungret St. Pauls and they continued to put the pressure on the Na Piarsaigh backs but were denied a goal when the Na Piarsaigh goalie struck it clear. Another exchange of points before Na Piarsaigh leveled the game with their last goal and another point.
There was only 15 minutes left of the game and Mungret St. Pauls puteverything they had into the final minutes. This final quarter was
Mungret St. Pauls game to win as they pointed another 4 balls before a pull down infront of the Na Piarsaigh goals gave Mungret St. Pauls a penalty that was expertly executed. Mungret St. Pauls sealed the game off with another 2 points. Na Piarsaigh never gave up and they had our backs under pressure but were blocked down on any scoring chances.
Both teams gave a great game to open the year. There were many sore bodies by the end of the match but happy faces on the Mungret St. Pauls players, parents and management.
Mungret St. Pauls 5-17 Crecora Manister 0-6
Our Limerick Motor Centre sponsored Intermediate Footballer had theirfirst outing at home against Crecora Manister on Tuesday 8 June 2021,this was the first match for both teams and as was expected there werea few mistakes made by both sides. Mungret St. Pauls had fivedifferent players score the first five scores with only 3 wides through out the game.
Mungret St. Pauls had 3 points on the board before Crecora Manister mustered their first score from a free. There followed a few minutes of Mungret St. Pauls holding possession with some direct passes before the ball hit the net for the first time in the game. Crecora Manisterpointed their second score but Mungret St. Pauls looked the stronger team on the pitch and the score board was starting to prove it as theyadded on another five points to equal the total amount of points for Crecora Manisters in the first half.
Mungret St. Pauls had the advantage of the breeze in the second halfand took off scoring 7 points before the rest of the Mungret St. Pauls goal were scored over the next five minutes leaving no doubt who the winners of the game were. Mungret St. Pauls added on another 2 points but it was Crecora Manister who had the last score of the match with their final point.
The June CLUB Limerick Draw will take place on Saturday 26th June,
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#KeepWellKeepWalking – 6 week walking initiative with Get Ireland
Walking, Sport Ireland, Healthy Ireland and the GAA has been launched.
Mungret St. Pauls Healthy Club Project has signed up. Starting Monday 7th June for 6 weeks. This is for everyone in the community to takepart .
Grab a friend and go for a walk. As the club is busy on a Monday night with children training why not organise with another parent to go for a walk while the children are training, just don’t forget your walking shoes when you drop your child to training.