Limerick Hurling Academy U14, U15 and U16 sides in action on Saturday:

By Leader Reporter

LIMERICK hurling academy squads at U14, U15 and U16 level all take part in their respective tournaments this Saturday, August 26 at various venues around the country.

The squads have been engaged in academy training, both on pitch and in gym, from January of this year as part of long term player development programmes from a technical, tactical and physical point of view.

All throughout this time the squads have been playing Academy Game days in April, May, June and July playing different counties with all results leading to the forming of the ranking tournaments games in early August.

In those ranking tournaments, Limerick had successful outings at all grades which has placed all our squads in the highest groups possible at the three age grades tournaments.

U14 Squads

Limerick’s two U14 squads, who have been the newest intake to the academy, have taken to their surroundings very well and remain unbeaten throughout the season so far having played Tipperary, Clare, Carlow, Kerry, Wexford, Offaly, Galway and Dublin.

There is an extensive spread of 24 clubs represented in the 48 player squad, with 9 from the south, 13 from the East, 15 from the City and 11 from the West.

The Tony Forrestal competition has changed over the last few years with a big emphasis now being placed on player development rather than winning as a reflection of this the Forrestal competition is now broken into three geographical locations, Waterford, Offaly and Dublin.

Both of Limerick’s squads have qualified for the Forrestal competition in Offaly’s Faithful Fields and Squad 1 Playing Clare and Squad 2 playing Offaly.