Community Covid-19 Update
The Club in conjunction with the local community council continue to offer our community assistance in any way possible especially to the over 70’s and the vulnerable.
We have many local volunteers who will strictly follow the HSE guidelines and are here to help be it collecting medical supplies or food or simply for a chat.
Please contact Noel O’Dea 0876278002 or Robert Holmes 0878131360 and they will organise one of our fantastic volunteers to help you.
Club Development

As per the Government restrictions our ongoing development work is currently suspended.Work has been progressing very well and it will be finished once restrictions are lifted.This development will be a huge asset to the whole community and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their huge support over the years during our fundraising events.
Due to the Government restrictions and the GAA directives everyone is reminded the the grounds are closed to everyone. This is unfortunate but necessary as everyone does their bit to help fight the virus.

Looking to the Future
We as a club face many challenges in the future simply to survive. The current global pandemic has show the world that what truly matters at the end of the day is family, friends and community. It is truly heartening to see so many people look out for it each other, reminds everyone what is really important to all of us.
As a club we want to provide the community with the infrastructure and organisation to grow together as a community. We will struggle in the future as rural depopulation sees our numbers decline but like all organisations we will have to evolve to survive. As this pandemic has shown everyone our priorities continuously change and evolve.

Hopefully, someday soon, we can all go back to some semblance of normality, then we can celebrate all that is good in our community.

From all in the club we hope everyone stays safe