Have your say on Lá na gClubanna 2024:
This week a survey is being issued to all Club Secretaries which aims to help the Association find a suitable date in the calendar for the revival of Lá na gClubanna in 2024.

What is Lá na gClubanna?

It’s our national day to champion and celebrate the lifeblood of the GAA – our clubs. It’s an opportunity to celebrate and thank our dedicated volunteers, while welcoming the community and new people to come an enjoy a day of fun and games in your club. The idea is that everyone is welcome at Lá na gClubanna.

Why Now?

Having originally been introduced to mark the GAA’s 125th anniversary in 2009, the event is already established – it just needs to be revitalised. Many clubs host annual ‘open’ or ‘fun’ days and the ambition is to strengthen such occasions by bringing them under one national day of celebration – Lá na gClubanna. And in the the past, the event has been more successful when a date has been ringfenced.

The aim is to relaunch the event and then to firmly establish it as an annual celebration that becomes part of the GAA calendar, beginning in 2024 to mark the GAA’s 140th anniversary.

Who Should Participate & How?

The Association encourages all clubs at home and abroad to mark this special day. Once a date has been agreed, clubs will be provided with a pack that gives guidance on running the day and how to promote it locally. The day will also be backed by a national promotional campaign.

The deadline to complete the survey is Sunday 20th August 2023. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

The link to the form to give your feedback on the most suitable date is