A Famous Granagh Victory 1942
The year 1942 was hugely successful for the boys from the Southside of Knockfierna Hill en-route to winning the West and County Junior A Hurling Championship Granagh overcame Pallaskenry on April 26th, drew with Ardagh in September 3-3 each. They won the replay and met Feenagh, the title holders in the semi-final and won decisively 4-4 to 0-4. InterCounty players were Seán in action on both sides, Dr. Jim McCarthy InterCounty and Provincial fame who was in goal for the Feenagh boys, left the net in the second half, for the forward line in an effort to smash the Granagh defence. Feenagh were practically at full strength, the only omission being the versatile Paddy McCarthy who replaced Bill Irwig in the second half who retired injured, Con the third of the renowned McCarthy brothers was also in action for Feenagh, as were also Tom Twomey, Jim Badger Lynch, Bill Boyce and Jerry Nesson to mention but a few of the stars who have been doing duty for Feenagh over a number of years. Ned Chawke who has won distinction in the Inter County arena was the inspiration of the Granagh combination and his individual efforts at midfield contributed much to the success of his side. He was ably assisted by Pakey Walsh, M. Mullane, the Hannon brothers, Fitzgerald, Steven Barry and Byrnes who were outstanding in a Granadh side that had not a weak link in it’s make up. The Granagh side read Ned Chawke 0-3, captain S. Chawke 1-0, W. Chawke, J. Chawke (all ???? cross), J. Fitzgerald 2-0 (Kilmore), J. Harnett (Kilmore), M. Mullane (Coolrus), Joe Hannon, Jim Hannon (Ballin leena). M. Storan (Doorlas), D. Byrnes 1-1 (Ballyguilebey), P. Power (The Glen), JK Barry (Coolrus), P. Sheahan (Ballinleena), J O’Brien, goalkeeper (Granagh), P. Walsh (Graigacurra).
Now the Granagh boys were in the West Junior A Hurling Championship final of 1942 against their parish rivals Ballingarry opening in a note of excitement, the final in the first half more than maintained the best traditions of hurling in the Western division and ply was up to a high standard and a feature of the game was the brilliant goalkeeping at both ends, although Noonan in the Ballingarry net was so ?? tried in the second half that he didn’t have a chance, while O’Brien between the Granagh posts covered himself with glory throughout and did not allow a score through in the second half. Paddy Browne, the Daly brothers, Paddy O’sullivan, Hugh Clorney and Clancy did great work for Ballingarry who made a gallant display against a superior combination. Granagh did most of the attacking in the opening stages. Paddy Sullivan and Billy Daly held the fort. Joe Daly drew first blood with a point receiving a clever pass from Glorney. Clancy finished off a fine point. Mullane finished off a point. Dan Byrnes slashed home a great goal. Pakey Walsh scored another point. A Ballingarry goal from a scramble round the Granagh square. Kevin Barry a point. Ned Chawke a point from a free. Christy Daly a point. Sheehy a point. J. Fitzgerald a point to leave Granagh on ahead 1-5 to 1-4 at half time. Playing with renewed vigour Ballingarry strove hard in the second half to force the issue. Three times O’Brien saved the Granagh net from what seemed almost inevitable disaster Ned Chawke sent to the other end, where Dan Byrnes crashed home the Granagh boys second goal, then Ballingarry replied with determination. Glorney was in hard luck to miss the goal by inches and O’Brien made yet another of many spectacular saves. Ned Chawke scored a point as a result of a sustained Ballingarry attack. The losers sustained two casualties when Tierney and Hanley were obliged to retire. From then on, the winners took command and had the situation under control. Three goals, one by J. Fitzgerald added to black and white boys tally and a point by Mullane finished the scoring and Granagh were crowned 1942 West Junior A Hurling Champions on a full-time score of 5-7 to 1-4.
Granagh: Ned Chawke, captain, J. O’Brien, Granagh, goalkeeper, P. Walsh, Craigacurra, Stephen Chawke, Chawkes Cross, M. Mullane, Coolrus, J. Hannon, Ballinleena, J. Fitzgerald, M. Storan, Doorlas, J. Hannon, Ballinleena, P. Power, The Glen, JK Barry,
Coolrus, P. Byrnes, Ballyguilebeg, P. Sheehan, Ballinleena, W. Chawke, J. Chawke, Chawke Cross, D. Bennett, Craigacurra.
Ballingarry: W. Daly, captain Ballingarry, Paddy ??, The Commons, P. Browne, C. Caly, J. Daly (all Ballingarry), P. Butler, Bruff line, P. Sullivan, The Commons, D. Sheehy, Knockaderry, P. Tierney, H. Glorney, Ballingarry, J. Clancy, Ballyea, J. Hanley, Bruff line, M. O’Bromess, Knockfierna, T. Daffy, Glenwilliam.
The Granagh/Ballingarry boys as West Champions, West Treaty Sarsfields in the CountyJunior A Hurling Championship semi-final. Ned Chawke and his men were slow to settle down in the opening exchanges and it was only the sound goalkeeping of Jack O’Brien that saved a number of dangerous Treaty drives. The Granagh boys took the lead with a goal from John Fitzgerald. They retaliated with a point by Mullane and Ned Chawke followed up with another point before the interval. Pakey Walsh from a touchline shot sent all the way to the back of the Treaty net to leave the black and whites five ahead 2-2 to 0-3 at the interval. In the second half Treaty fought back and in the dying minutes took the lead. Granagh now fighting against time retaliated with all that was in them and Pakey Walsh from one of his choice sideline pucks dropped the leather in the square. In the hectic scramble that ensued the Granagh forwards moved in a mass offensive and succeeded by sheet strength in forcing the ball into the Treaty net for the deciding scored of the game. A number of the Treaty players objected that the full-time whistle was blown before time and a general ??? followed and it was some time before the pitch was cleared for the next match. However, the result stood and Granagh were in the County Junior A Hurling Championship final for the first time since 1916 against Hospital. The Granagh team read Ned Chawke, captain, J. O’Brien, goal, P. Walsh, S. O’Rourke, W. Chawke, J. Chawke, J. Fitzgerald, J. Hannon, P. Sheehan, D. Byrnes, P. Power, JK Barry, M. Storan, M. Mullane, D. Bennett, D. Sheehan.
A quarter of a century has passed since Granagh were last Junior A Hurling County Champions of Limerick. IN that year of glory – 1916 they best Castleconnell for the coveted title after being runners-up to Pallasgreen a season earlier. Subsequently, there gallant lads made a mark in Senior Company ????? spell in national history made the ?? ring on many fields. They participated in championships and tournaments with distinction and were a distinct loss particularly to the Western arena when they retired from the Premier competition. But they continued in the old tradition, the old spirit and love of hurling animated the district. So it was not surprising to see a young force grow in minor ranks and when they beat Treaty by a solitary goal in the replay of a brilliant and hectic decider to take the 1938 County Premier Minor Hurling Championship crown. Granagh were right back in the hurling limelight. In Granagh’s road to victory in the 1942 County Junior A Hurling Championship title the most notable achievement was the eclipse of the reigning Western title holders Feenagh. And the West Divisional final had a glamour all its own contested as it was by teams from the self same parish. The Granagh heroes and the Ballingarry lads steeped on hurling lore. When the teams line out in Kilmallock for the 1942 County Junior A Hurling Championship final it was discovered both Granagh and Hospital had similar colours and Granagh losing the toss had to borrow a set of jerseys from the host club, Kilmallock. When the match commenced Granagh going lively and inside a minute John Fitzgerald registered a goal for them. Fitzgerald proved a wound marksman again when he crashed the second net finer home before the second minute was spent and the All-Ireland medal winner Ned Chawke, running riot banged a cross shot to his brother Stephen and that too found its way to put the Western green flag floating for the third time and well helped by Mullane and Ned Chawke. Fizgerald secured their fourth goal. Patrick Walsh gave an outstanding defensive display before Fitzgerald got away to collect a neat minor flag. At half time, the score read Granagh 4-1, Hospital 1-2. In a fast resumption John Fitzgerald placed Don Byrne to notch a fine Granagh goal Barryput over a neat point which he later supplemental with a goal andthen Ned Chawke had a point and Barry a goal, the latter proving as deadly a marksman as his cousin John Fitzgerald had earlier in the play and John Fitzgerald ended the Granagh scoring spree with a white flag. Granagh were County Junior A Hurling Champions for the third time, a first since 1916 to the score of Granagh 7-4, Hospital 3-2.
Granagh also fielded a Senior selection in 1942 composed of players drawn from Granagh, Ballingarry, Adare and Kilfinny junior hurling teams. They lost 3-9 to 2-5 v Rathkeale (corers from Granagh selection were N. Chawke 1-2, C. Daly 1-1, J. Mullane 0-1 and P. Walsh 0-1) and to Croom in August they defeated Askeaton 9-3 to 1-1. Granagh selected S. Chawke, M. Mullane, J. Fitzgerald, Granagh, H. Wilson, D. Griffin, P. Walsh, P. Kilnevane, Adare, C. Daly, W. Daly, P. Browne, Ballingarry, D. Hannon, M. Purcell, T. Quinn and T. McCann, Kilfinny. In the Granagh selected match against Feenagh, selection Christy Daly opened the scoring with a goal for Granagh and Ned Mullane added a point which Fitzgerald added a further minor. Paddy Browne shot a further goal for Granagh and Christy Daly and Fitzgerald accounted for a further point and a goal. Harry Wilson brought off some brilliant saves. Ned Chawke had a goal and wlahs a point and Mullane finished the scoring with a point. At the final whistle it was a draw 4-6 to 5-3. Granagh selection was H. Wilson, Adare, D. Hannon, Kilfinny, W. Chawke, Granagh, D. Normile, Adare, P. Fitzgerald, P. Walsh, E. Mullane, J. Hannon and J. Fitzgerald, all Granagh, C. Daly, Ballingarry, P. Browne, P. Butler, Knockaderry, W. Chawke, D. Sheehy, J. Fitzgerald, all Granagh. This was their first league win as a result of their Junior championship win in 1942. Granagh were automatically promoted to senior ranks in 1943. They began the campaign with a win over the reigning West Champions, Rathkeale by 5-2 to 3-4 and followed with a win over an Askeaton selection by 7-8 to 2-4. In September Granagh lost to Croom in the West Senior Final at Ballingarry. It was a typical final with all the elements of expectancy and apprehension. It was a great worthy of two great teams, honours go equally to both the honour of having played the game as true Gaels and hurling men. Croom were favourites over a Granagh team which for years had dominated Junior hurling in the area and had already done so well. Granagh realising the formidable native of the opposition were determined to give of their very best in a bold bid to make hurling history in the West playing against a gale in the first half. Granagh trailed 2-0 to 0-1 at half time. On the resumption they pulled back the deficit to 2 points. In the final quarter Croom added three goals without reply to be crowned 1943 West Senior Hurling Champions by 5-0 to 1-1.
Croom: J. Roche captain, M. Howard, W. Griffin, L. O’Connor, P. Carroll, P. cRegan, F. Costello, J. Egan, M. Butler, T. Cregan, T. Prendergast, J. Purcell, M. Sexton, C. Simcox, R. Walsh.
Granagh: Ned Chawke, captain, J. Fitzgerlad, S. Chawke, W. Chawke, Jas. Hannon, Joe Hannon, P. Power, J. O’Brien, D. Byrnes, G. Fitzgerald, B. Mullane, M. Storan, J. Chawke, E. O’Gorman.
National Football League Division 1 Round 6: Kerry 0-17, Monaghan 0-14; Dublin 1-20, Meath 0-19; Mayor 3-23, Galway 0-17.
National Football League Division 2 Round 6: Clare 1-11, Fermanagh 1-9; Kildare 1-21, Croom 0-20; Westmeath 1-21, Laois 0-13; Roscommon 3-10, Ardagh 0-15.
National Football League Division 3 Round 6: Down WO Leitrim scr; Cork 5-19, Lough 0-16; Derry 2-14, Longford 0-12; Tipperary 1-16, Offaly 0-16.
National Football League Division 4 Round 6: Wexford 1-13, Limerick 1-10; Wicklow 7-11, Antrim 0-7; Carlow 2-17, Sligo 2-15.
All Ireland U20 Football Championship Semi-Final: Dublin 1-14, Tyrone 1-12; Galway 1-15, Kerry 1-10.
National Hurling League Division 2 A Final: Antrim 2-23, Kerry 2-20.
National Hurling League Division 2B Final: Down 2-16, Derry 0-17.
National Hurling League Division 3 B Final: Sligo 3-17, Leitrim 2-16.
Munster U20 Hurling Championship Quarter Final: Tipperary 1-22, Clare 0-12; Cork 2-24, Kerry 2-10.
Munster Minor Hurling Championship Quarter Final: Cork 1-24, Clare 2-13; Tipperary 0-32, Kerry 0-9.
€10,200 Jackpot On Saturday
There was no winner of the €10,100 jackpot in the Granagh-Ballingarry GAA club lottery on Saturday 17th October in the clubhouse, Ballingarry. The numbers drawn were 2, 5, 16 and 26. Lucky dips of €20 each went to Declan O’Keeffe, promoter Denny A; Mairead Cagney, promoter O’Gorman’s shop; Niall Kennedy, promoter Eoin Kennedy, Davy Clifford, promoter Darren Clifford. This week’s draw for a jackpot of €10,200 will be held in the clubhouse, Ballingarry on Saturday 24th October. Thank you for your continued support.
Granagh-Ballingarry GAA club official, players and members extend sympathy to the Hennessy family, Ballingarry on the death of Joe’s wife Sharon Hennessy (Nee Biggin). To West Limerick GAA Assistant, Treasurer and farmer chairman Johnny Brosnahan on the death of his wife Ita (nee Hallinan). Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.
West Junior B Hurling Semi-Final: Granagh-Ballingarry v Feenagh-Kilmeedy (to be played whenever games will resume.
West Junior B Football Championship Semi-Finals: Granagh-Ballingary v Feenagh-Kilmeedy; Kncokaderry v Adare (To be played whenever games will resume.
Munster Senior Hurling Championship Quarter Final: The best of luck to the Limerick Senior Hurlers and their management team who make the first defence of their Munster Championship title on Sunday 25th October against Clare in Semple Stadium, Thurles at 3.45pm.
Saturday24th. October
National Football League Division 1 Round 7: Kerry v Donegal in Austin Stack Park, Tralee at 2pm.
National Football League Divison 2 Round 7: Kildare v Westmeath in Newbridge at 2pm; Cavan v Roscommon in Breffini Park at 2pm; Clare v Armagh in Cusack Park, Ennis at 2pm; Fermanagh v Laois in Brewster Park at 2pm.
National Football League Division 4 Round 7: Antrim v Waterford in Kelly Park, Portglenone at 2pm; Sligo v Limerick in Markievicz Park at 2pm; Wexford v Wicklow, Wexford Park at 2pm.
Leinster Senior Hurling Championship Quarter Final: Laois v Dublin in Pairc an Chrocaigh at 6pm.
Christy Ring Cup Senior Hurling Round 1: Offaly v Kildare in O’Connor Park, Tullamore at 1.30pm.
Nickey Rachard Cup Senior Hurling Round 1: Donegal v Longford in Letterkenny at 1pm; Monaghan v Mayo in Clontibret at 2pm; Armagh v Leitrim in Athletic Grounds at 4pm.
Lory Meagher Cup Senior Hurling Round 1: Louth v Fermanagh in Dorver at 2pm.
Sunday 25th October
Munster Senior Hurling Championship Quarter Final: Limerick (holders) v Clare in Semple Stadium, Thurles at 3.45pm.
National Football League Division 1 Round 7: Monaghan v Meath in MacHale Park, Castlebar at 2pm; Mayo v Tyrone in MacHale Park, Castlebar at 2pm; Galway v Dublin in Pearse Stadium at 2pm.
National Football League Division 3 Round 7: Longford v Cork in Pearse Park at 2pm; Offaly v Derry in O’Connor Park, Tullamore at 2pm; Leitrim v Tipperary in Pairc Sean MacDiarmada at 2pm; Lough v Down in Dowdallshill Dundalk at 2pm.
Joe McDonagh Cup Senior Hurling Round 1: Kerry v Meath in Austin Stack Park, Tralee at 1pm; Antrim v Westmeath in Corrigan Park, Belfast at 2pm.
Christy Ring Cup Senior Hurling Round 1: Roscommon v Wicklow in Dr. Hyde Park at 1.30pm; Derry v Sligo in Celtic Park at 2pm.