Athea GAA Walk & Talk Track – Get Happy, Get Healthy!
Athea GAA are currently working in partnership with the HSE and Healthy Ireland to bring messages of protection, resilience and support for mental wellness to the local community in Athea. The fully illuminated track was opened in early 2020, and since then, it has quickly become a popular recreational amenity in the parish for people to visit and help achieve their daily 10,000 steps. Since the Covid 19 pandemic especially, the track has become a lifeline for people with few other fitness related services operating.
The pandemic has also placed a strain on our mental health as we get used to a new way of life and living in almost isolation. Athea GAA now wish to spread messages of positive mental health by promoting the #littlethings campaign and installing ‘Happy to Chat Benches’ at our track at Pairc na nGael. This project will aim to encourage and normalise discussion around mental health and fitness in the years ahead.
The #littlethings campaign highlights that we all experience difficult times in our lives, and that when we do, there are some evidence based little things that can make a big difference to how we feel. A total of nine signs will be erected at intervals around the track displaying the following messages:
1. Take to the Field with others, there’s strength in numbers.
2. Catch up with a friend who doesn’t feel up for the match.
3. Drink less and great nights become great mornings.
4. 8 Hours rest helps you perform at your best.
5. Keeping Active is a winning tactic.
6. Take a shot at sharing a problem.
7. Ní neart go cur le chéile
8. Boost your mood with Healthy Food.
9. Add friend to your cupán tae
Together with the signs, a ‘Happy to Chat’ bench will be installed at two locations around the track with the following message ‘Sit here if you do not mind someone stopping to say hello’.
It is hoped to have this project complete in the springtime with thanks to funding received from The Community Mental Health Fund. We are also appealing to the public to support our club by purchasing Club Membership/Club Development Draw tickets which will be on sale shortly through ClubForce.
We are now encouraging everyone to come visit our track and to join us in promoting the messages of positive mental health putting the health and wellbeing of our community to the forefront.
**Please ensure to follow the most up to date HSE Covid 19 Safety Guidelines at all times