Club Lotto

You can now enter our Lotto for 2021 online through the link here https://www.ahanegaa.ie/products. There are 10 draws with the jackpot starting at €5,500 and increasing by €500 each month to €10,000 in December. You can join the Club Lotto for €120 and you can join the CLUB Limerick Lotto and the Club Lotto for €170. We will also have our members draw with the 1st prize being €200, 2nd prize €150 and the remaining 8 prizes €120. The Club Lotto is our biggest annual fundraiser, and it helps to keep the club running day to day. Without your continued support we would not be able to keep the Club running and we would not be able to develop our facilities. To those who have entered already we appreciate your support greatly!


Reminder that you can now pay your membership online through the link here https://ahanegaa.clubzap.com/membership_products. You have to be a member of the club to be eligible to play with the club, if you are not a member of the club then you are not insured to play with the club. If you want to use any of the facilities in the club you have to be a member of the club. With the announcement made two weeks ago that underage are allowed back training from April 26th it is vitally important that everyone is registered so they can all go back training!

Con and Annie Kirby Memorial Stake

The Quarter Finals of the Con and Annie Memorial Stake took place on Saturday evening and our dog Bombardier ran in Heat 2. He had another good run and finished in second place meaning he is through to the Semi Finals which take place next week! We hope he will continue his good form and make it to the Finals. Keep an eye on our social media to see all the latest from the Con and Annie Kirby Memorial Stake. You will also find the Skills Challenge for this week on the Limerick Greyhound Social Media pages. This week’s challenge is for kids aged 6-8 and 9-12 and they have to see how many Roll Lifts or Solo Toe Taps they can get in 30 seconds. To enter parents or guardians can record their child’s entry and post it to social media using #Kirby2021 and #Virtual Skills or you can email your entry to competitons@grieland.ie. All entries have to be in by Sunday April 18th. The four winners will each receive a voucher for a sports store.

Last Man Standing

After a two-week break, we are back with our Last Man Standing Competition. We are down to the final 43 people, there were 26 people knocked out in week 6 and the most popular choices being Leeds, Chelsea and Spurs. Huge well done to everyone who has made it this far!

Cash for Clobber

We are still holding our Cash for Clobber, we accept bags of unwanted/unused clothes, shoes (in pairs only) handbags, and belts. You can drop you bags off at the changing rooms in the club on Saturday between 10-11am. Huge thank you to all who have already supported our Cash for Clobber.

Social Media

We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so make sure you are following us on all three, so you don’t miss a thing! Facebook is Ahane GAA Club, Twitter is @AhaneGAAClub and Instagram is @ahanegaaclub