Munster & Central Council GAA announce €1.6M in club development grant scheme for 2023.

The Munster Council in conjunction with Central Council has (this evening) approved a €1.6m Club Development Grant Fund, which will cover capital grant works in clubs in Munster for 2022 & 2023.

There was a total expenditure of €19M recorded by our units across the province and 260 applications were submitted for consideration.

The Council agreed a budget of €1,600,000 for the grant scheme. €928,000 is donated by Central Council and the remaining €672,000 is contributed by the Munster Council. €150,000 of the Munster Council budget is allocated to a new category this year, the urban participation projects. The remainder of the Munster Council budget and the Central Council allocation fund category 1 – land purchase, category 2 – clubhouse developments, category 3 – school’s development projects, category 4 – refurbishment of handball courts & category 5 (catch all category, pitch and non-pitch works).

Munster GAA Chairman Ger Ryan said “I am delighted to announce the awarding of €1.6 million in grants supporting 260 development projects throughout Munster. These grants have supported an impressive range of capital development projects, with Clubs investing over €19 million in upgrading their facilities. This level of expenditure is testament to the strength of the GAA in the Province and reflects the impressive vision of our Clubs to continually improve facilities for players and supporters alike.”

He added “The grants provided would not be possible without the great support we get from the many thousands of people who attend our games each year. We are very fortunate to have such loyal support in the Province, and we are delighted to be able to redistribute income from games to the Clubs and Schools.”