All are invited to a Bingo night being run by the camogie club in the clubhouse on Friday 29 November. Everyone from the age of 7 upwards welcome, or younger if they are able to check off the numbers! Doors open 6:30, first game is 7pm.

The AGM of Mungret St. Pauls GAA club will take place on Thursday 12 December at 7pm in the clubhouse. All nominations and motions to be submitted to the club secretary, Brian O’Halloran by Thursday 28 November at 18.00.
Positions to be filled; Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
Post; M.S.P. Secretary B. O’Halloran, 46 Ashgrove, Glencairn, Dooradoyle, Co. Limerick email;


We have accepted delivery of the national club draw tickets this year. We are urging that each family in the club sell at least one book of 5 x €10 tickets. All monies raised from the tickets go to the club which makes this a fantastic fundraiser for the club. Each section has been asked to distribute the tickets to the members.

Mungret St Pauls 1-7 Knockaderry 0-12
In the replay of the quarter final on Tuesday 29 October in a cold but dry Mick Neville Park both sides looked evenly matched again but it was Knockaderrys quick thinking backs that smothered the ball out of danger and scoring on frees that saw them over the line to progress to the Semi Final. Mungret St. Pauls had some great goal saves while under pressure but it was wides that were needed for Mungret St Pauls.
Knockaderry were quick off the mark but wided their challenge. Mungret St. Pauls also wided their first attempt but a pointed free put Mungret St Pauls on the board, the second point for Mungret St. Pauls came from play. Knockaderry’s first point came from a free, Mungret St Pauls pointed again from play before Knockaderry went 4 points unanswered. Mungret St. Pauls fought back and leveled the score with 5 minutes left, on the half time marker Knockaderry pointed their free to give them a one point lead going in at the break.
Knockaderry came out strong again but Mungret St. Pauls defense pulled together and denied goals, Knockaderry secured a point. Mungret St Pauls brought the ball up the other end of the pitch but failed to get a score. It was not until near into the final quarter of the game that Knockaderry bounced back again and pointed another 3 balls to go 5 points ahead. Mungret St Pauls got a second wind and eventually managed to get a ball past the the knockaderry backs to put it into the back of the net, this was exactly what Mungret St. Pauls needed which they followed up with a pointed free, leaving only a one point difference going into the final ten minutes. Knockaderry were too strong for Mungret St. Pauls as they pointed another 2 times, with time running out Mungret St. Pauls only managed one more point from play in injury time. Time had run out and Mungret St Pauls had struggled to get any more points in. This ended their games for the year as they take time to look back over their play so they can work on an improved 2020 campaign. This team have successfully brought two cups back to the club this year which is a great achievement. Some of the players are still out in the U-21 championship.

Mungret St. Pauls 2-12 St. Kierans 2-12
On a wet, cold Saturday, 2 November our U-21 footballers traveled to Ballingarry to play in their second round against St. Kierans. This was a tough game with a very strong breeze against Mungret St Pauls in the first half. Mungret St Pauls held most of the possession and used the ball well getting every shot on target in the first half the second half with the breeze Mungret St. Pauls had a slower start but they came from 7 points behind to draw the game.
St. Kierans were stronger at the start at the game after two failed attempts they pointed twice, Mungret St. Pauls replied in the sixth minute with their first point. St. Kierans kicked back hard with a goal, it took Mungret St. Pauls another seven minutes to reply with a point. The next point for St. Kierans came from the first of only four scoring frees. The next play was some nice team work with great hand passes and use of players which lead to Mungret St. Pauls first goal. This was a score that Mungret St. Pauls needed but did not last long as St. Kierans pointed 2 balls in a row. There was a point a piece running into the last 5 minutes of the first half, Mungret St. Pauls pointed their forth ball narrowing the game to 3 points. Another blow from St. Kierans just as it looked like Mungret St. Pauls were making head way st. Kierans netted their second goal. Mungret St. Pauls pointed one more ball with St. Kierans finishing off with 2 points leaving the half time score Mungret St. Pauls 1-5 St. Kierans 2-9.
The second half had a slow start for Mungret St. Pauls as they had the breeze but wided the first 3 chances before they pointed 2 balls in a minute. St. Kierans pointed on the tenth minute, the Mungret St. Pauls backs were working hard and forced the next three shots wide while the midfield and forwards worked the ball up the field to point and a carefully worked ball was shot to the back of the St. Kierans net. There were only 2 points separating the sides with both looking for scores, St. Kierans sent their next two shots off target, as Mungret St. Pauls sent a fantastic ball from near the side line over the bar with 2 minutes of play left. St. Kierans went straight up to the other end of the pitch and pointed, the game had heated up as both sides were seeking scores, Mungret St. Pauls received a free infront of the goals which they pointed in the final minute of normal play. In injury time the ball was being worked quickly, they next score came with a big cheer as Mungret St. Pauls leveled the game. A free for St. Kierans was sent wide much to Mungret St. Pauls relief, who went on and pointed to take the lead for the first time. As injury time was ticking away there was still time for one more score which came from a free for St. Kierans to level the game on the whistle.
This team are out again in 2 weeks time when they play Fr. Casey’s.

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