Community Covid-19 Update
As Covid 19 continues to exert its grip on the community, we in the Club want to again reassure everyone in the parish that we are available to help in any way.
Please do not hesitate to contact Noel O’Dea 0876278022 or Robert Holmes 0878131360.
The Club, in conjunction with the Community Council, have a huge amount of volunteers who are all willing to help and willfollow the strict HSE Guidelines.

KDGAA Facebook Page
The Club has been using this time to put old team Photos or our Facebook page on a daily basis. We are very grateful to everyone who has sent us photos, if you have any you would like published please sent via whatsapp to the above numbers or email
Its great to look back at these photos are are a great source of enjoyment for a lot of people. We have also been publishing a daily club player profile. Well done to Cedric Laffan for  organising this, a lot of the details are very amusing and give a great insight into our players.
Just search for KDGAA on Facebook.