John Kiely: ‘It was just a battle of efficiency in the finish’:

By Cian O’Connell

“It was just a battle of efficiency in the finish,” Limerick manager John Kiely reflected following an epic All-Ireland SHC Semi-Final against Cork at Croke Park.

Cork prevailed 1-28 to 0-29, but Kiely felt that Limerick just weren’t sufficiently clinical converting chances. “I’m just disappointed for the lads,” Kiely remarked. “They’ve put in a huge, huge shift. With a little bit more efficiency they could have got over the line.

“Cork were that little bit more efficient, I think. I don’t have the stats, but that’s my first impression of it. And we did have chances coming down the stretch.

“But Cork, their shooting was incredible. I don’t know how many points they got from the sideline, but they got quite a few down there from the left hand side.

“Congratulations to Cork. We wish them and Clare the best in the final. It’s over to them.”

Despite the defeat, Kiely believes Limerick will respond in 2025. “The group of guys that are inside in that dressing room are incredibly dedicated,” Kiely says.

“They shape their world around hurling, where they choose to live, where they choose to work, where they choose to go to college, they have shaped their world around this group, this team.

“There’s an incredible togetherness and unity within the group and, they’re going to hurt now, there’s no doubt about that.

“The hurt is going to be god awful. I have no doubt, but it is what it is. We haven’t tasted defeat very often, but any time we have, it has tasted very sour.

“So, we just have to go through that now, the group will reflect obviously, individually, collectively. There will be a lot of time for that.

But I suppose, listen, today is not for that consideration. I think that will take quite a bit of time.

“They’re very, very disappointed, obviously and again, it’s about opportunities.

“You want to give yourself opportunities today to win the game, but you’d love to get to the final to give yourself an opportunity as well.

“And we’ve lost that opportunity and sometimes it’s not about the winning, it’s about giving yourself an opportunity.”

Kiely praised Limerick’s drive and determination. “So, just immensely proud of the boys, immensely proud of all the people in the backroom team for the work they’ve put in over the last number of years and in particular this year,” he added.

“And I’ve no doubt, Limerick will regroup and come back in 2025, you know, refreshed and ready to go again. There’s no reason why they can’t.”