A Famous Ballingarry Victory in 1944
The year 1944 was hugely successful for the boys from the western side of Knockfierna Hill en route to winning the West and County Junior A Hurling Championship. Ballingarry overcame Castletown Ardagh (8-7 to 5-1) and Dromcollogher (7-8 to 1-6) on their way to the West Junior A Hurling Championship final meeting with Shountrade (later Adare), before a record crowd at Rathkeale. Ballingarry took the honours of the day, defeating a much fancied Shountrade side (6-2 to 2-5) to capture their second West Junior A Hurling Championship title and a first since 1934. The first half of the game provided one of the finest exhib-itions of hurling at the Rathkeale venue for many a year. Excitement ran high until the closing quarter when Ballingarry, hurling with rare confidence, seemed to have the situation well in hand. Had Ballingarry not been so ably served by Paddy Browne who throughout the hour gave an outstanding display at centrefield, the Maigue-siders might well have gone on to contest the county semi-final. Willie Daly had a point following a centre from Paddy Browne and, following a splendid piece of hurling Willie Daly crashed to the net for Ballingarry’s second score to which his brother Joe soon added a further goal to leave it Ballingarry 2-1, Shoun-trade 1-2, at the interval. Resuming, Christy Daly put Ballingarry on the offensive and following a splendid passing movement D. O’Keeffe made no mistake with a smashing goal which brought a roll of drums from the Ballingarry Pipe Band who played the teams onto the field. Ballingarry’s superiority at centrefield now began to tell and their two stalwarts Paddy Browne and Christy Daly kept the forwards well supplied and they soon had a goal and a point from Joe Daly. Christy Daly eased a very tense situation with a point from far out from Ballingarry now had the situation well in hand to capture the West Junior A Hurling Championship on a full-time score of Ballingarry 8-7, Shoun-trade 2-5. The Ballingarry team: C. Daly, Ballingarry; P. Noonan, the Commons; T. Daffy, Glenwilliams; D. Noonan, the Commons; P. Tierney, Ballinarouga; H Mackessy, Ballingarry; M. Quaid, Clouncagh; P. Browne, Knockaderry and Ballingarry; P. Healy, Ballingarry, J. Hanley, Ballyhahill, D. O’Keeffe, Kilmihill; J. Daly, W. Daly, Ballingarry; S. Sheehy, Ballyhahill and Paddy Grady, Ballingarry.
In the County Junior A Hurling Championship semi-final in Croom, Ballingarry defeated past champions South Liberties 5-7 to 2-2. Their best players on the day were the Daly brothers, Noonan, Brown and Hourigan.
Ballingarry met Kilfinane in the 1944 County Junior A Hurling Championship Final in Kilmallock. In this final between districts steeped in hurling lore the play never reached the high note expected and Ballingarry took an early grip on the title that they never relaxed and romped home deserving winners of their first ever County Junior A Hurling Championship title. Best in the Ballingarry boys’ victory were the Davy brothers, Brown and Sheehy, who held fast putting in close tackling throughout an exhibition of high class hurling. A sound Ballingarry defence held a dangerous Kilfinane forward line and a Kilfinane defence that failed at the close to stand up to the onslaught of their opponents. These were features of the 1944 County Junior A Hurling Championship Final at Kilmallock.
How the scores came: J. Daly pointed in the third minute, P. Healy lodged in the net, I. Daly sent over the bar, P. Healy recovered the ball to bang it to the net, Sheehy made no mistake with a goal, Daly got another goal, Hanley pointed and I Daly sent to the back of the Kilfinane net for the finest goal of the hour. Both sides were fighting hard, Kilfinane to reduce the lead and the Ballingarry boys to retain and increase it. Hard pulling was the order of the day as a melee took place on the sideline and the crowd invaded the pitch. On the resumption I Daly made no mistake when he drove to the back of the Kilfinane net amid wild cheering from the Ballingarry supporters. From then on Ballingarry were all over their opponents. They had a point per Daly and Grady, and closed the scoring with a shot that gave the Kilfinane keeper no chance. At half time Ballingarry led 4-3 to 2-1. In the second half the game was fast and furious. There was an exchange of hard words and Christy Daly (Ballingarry and Tim Ryan (Kilfinane) were ordered off the pitch. Taken all round the game was played in a fairly good spirit with plenty of hard pulling and vigorous play.
Ballingarry panel: P. Tierney, Ballinorouga; H. Mackessy, The Hall, Ballingarry; P. Noonan, the Commons; M. Fitz-gerald, Glenwilliam; Denis (Donagh) Noonan, The Commons; T. Daffy, Glenwilliam; M. Quaid, Ballingarry; P. Brown, Ballingarry and Lisonuisce Knockaderry, C. Daly, P. Kealy, Ballingarry, J.J. Hanley, Ballyhahill, Clouncagh, I Daly, W. Daly Ballingarry, D. Sheehy, Clouncagh, D. O’Keeffe, Kilmihill, P. O’Grady, Ballinorouga, P. Gorman and P. Farrell, Ballingarry.
Granagh/Ballingarry Senior Club 1945
In 1945 Granagh and Ballingarry amalgamated for the first time to form the senior club Granagh/Ballingarry. Both teams had won the County Junior A Hurling Championship in recent years, Granagh in 1942 and Ballingarry 1944 and had a fine panel of hurlers who felt they could in combination make an impression. This they did with victories over Cement Utd (6-1 to 1-5), Rathkeale 5-1 to 1-4, followed by a relatively easy win over Fedamore in July 1st. There was excitement in abundance, especially in the second half when Fedamore tried to reduce the 6-6 to 1-1 deficit. Their efforts came to nothing as the Granagh/Ballingarry boys, all in the prime of their manhood, proved too strong a combination. It was the repetition of an age-old story, the triumph of youths over veterans. The scoring was opened for Granagh/Ballingarry by Morrissey who had points C. Daly added two 2-2 to the Western register, I Daly 1-0 and Noonan 1-1.
In the second half Chawke 1-0, Mullane 0-2 and Morrissey 0-2 completed the scoring for an easy Granagh/Ballingarry 2-7 to 2-1 victory. The hurling was exciting in the first half, by no means classy or stylish but hard rugged first time pulling and wholehearted clashing. Christy Daly was the most prominent member of the game. Granagh/Ballingarry next defeated Kilmallock in Croom. The boys from Knockfierna were the shock team of 1945, scorers in the first half were Healy 0-1, D. Daly 1-0, C. Daly 1-2, O. Grady 1-1, Mullane 0-1, Morrissey 0-1 to leave the score at Granagh/Ballingarry 4-5, Kilmallock 1-2 at the interval.
In the second half Kilmallock with three quick goals and one point came within two points of the Granagh/Ballingarry boys but Morrissey with 0-1, C. Daly 1-0 and Ned Chawke secured a 6-6 to 4-3 victory for Granagh/Ballingarry and a place in the 1945 County Senior Hurling Championship Final against Ahane. The Ahane boys, that legendary team of hurling giants, was to be the biggest test for anyone contemplating lifting the county senior hurling trophy. The local followers were proud of the fine performance against the greatest club of the era in the County Senior Hurling Cham-pionship Final on Sunday 30th September 1945. Ahane scored 5-9 to Granagh/Ballingarry 3-2.
That 1945 Granagh/Ballingarry team read: Paddy Tierney, Ballino-rouga; Jim Morrissey, Cappanahane; Paddy Noonan, The Commons; Paddy Power, Knockfierna; Pakie Walsh, Granagh; Christy Daly, Ballingarry captain; Joe Daly, Ballin-garry, Paddy Browne, Ballingarry and Knock-aderry; Denny Sheehy, Ballyhahill; Mick Mullane, Granagh; Michael Quaid, Ahalin; Ned Chawke, Granagh and Stephen Chawke, Granagh.
Level 5 Covid-19 Update for Clubs and Counties
Club games and training
Level 5 restrictions mean neither adult club games nor training can take place between now and December 1st. The GAA is adopting a 32-county approach in this context and therefore training for adult teams will not be allowed in the north either.
From now to December 1st training at minor level and below only will be permitted for clubs in all 32 counties (but not inter-county). However, it must be on a non-contact basis, in pods of no more than 15 people. Dressing rooms cannot be used and the Health Questionnaire must be filled out by all those participating. Attendance by parents/guardians should be on the basis of one per child (for child protection reasons) and the Health Questionnaire must be filled out by all of those coming into the grounds.
Injury Benefit Fund
GAA Injury Benefit cover is only in place for inter-county training and where non-contact training is organised for school aged children (i.e. minor grade and below) outdoors only.
Use Of Indoor Facilities
Commerical use of indoor halls continues to be permitted where agreement was in place prior to March and relevant insurance is in place. Use by state bodies e.g. HSE/schools is also permitted. These are the only instances in which indoor facilities should be used.
Outdoor Astro Facilities/All-Weather Pitches
These can only be used for underage Gaelic games training purposes under Level 5. They cannot be hired out to recreational users (schools are the only exception in this context). Essential property checks, maintenance and pitch upkeep is permitted in Level 5. In the case of Community Employment Scheme workers, local scheme operators will need to confirm the position to each club. We would remind all units that an extension of cover request is required for engagement of such workers at club properties.
Club Lottery/Draws
These are not permitted to take place indoors on GAA facilities.
Walking Tracks
Those are permitted to be used on the basis that the relevant control measures (signage, etc) is in place. Clubs should remind users of the 5km travel restrictions in relation to use of these facilities.
Drive-In Results
Drive In events are not permitted in Level 5 in the 26 counties or for clubs in the 6 counties.
Handball alleys can only be used for individual training (i.e. one player at a time)
Inter County Matters
Minor and under 20 Training and Games
All game and training ceased since Wednesday 21st October. The GAA will issue further advice in relation to when these competitions will now take place in due course.
Attendances At
Inter County Championship Games
All Senior Hurling and Football Championship games in both the 26 and 6 counties must be played behind closed doors. This means only essential personnel should be in attendance. A maximum of 40 persons per team will be allowed access to game. This figure should include all players, management, coaches, ancillary backroom personnel and officials. There can be no exceptions to this and this needs to be clearly communicated to team players, managements and backroom personnel. Counties hosting games will have ultimately responsibility for ensuring access is limited as outlined.
The 80 team personnel (40 per team) is in addition to essential match day personnel such as match officials (referee, linemen, umpires) media streaming personnel and required event officials (stewards, etc).
Other issues to be conscious of for inter county games
Group team photographs are not permitted before or after games due to the challenges they present with regard to social distancing. Players should not stand together for the National Anthem and should assume match positions before the anthem proceeds. Jerseys should not be swapped after games. Huddles are not to be formed by players.
National Football League Division 1 Round 7
Kerry 2-18, Donegal 0-10; Monaghan 2-14, Meath 1-17; Tyrone 3-14, Mayo 1-19; Dublin 2-15, Meath 0-15.
National Football League Division 1 Round 7
Kildare 0-16, Westmeath 0-11; Roscommon 1-12, Cavan 0-13; Armagh 1-18, Clare 1-13; Laois 3-12, Fermanagh 1-11.
National Football League Division 3 Round 7
Derry 1-12, Offaly 1-10; Tipperary 2-11, Leitrim 0-15; Louth 3-14, Down 0-16; Cork w/o Longford scr.
National Football League Division 4 Round 7
Antrim 2-14, Waterford 0-13; Limerick 1-16, Sligo 1-14; Wicklow 0-13, Wexford 0-10.
National Hurling League Division 1 Final and Munster Championship Quarter Final
Limerick 0-36, Clare 1-23.
Leinster Senior Hurling Championship Quarter Final
Dublin 2-31, Laois 0-23.
Nickey Rackard Cup Senior Hurling Round 1
Donegal 2-13, Longford 1-14; Mayo 3-32, Monaghan 2-10; Armagh 1-21, Leitrim 0-12.
Christy Ring Cup Senior Hurling Round 1
Wicklow 2-19, Roscommon 3-14.
Lory Meagher Cup Senior Hurling Round 1
Fermanagh 3-10,
Louth 1-15.
West Junior B Hurling Championship
Granagh Ballingarry v Feenagh Kilmeedy (to be played whenever games will resume in the new year); Feohanagh Castle-mahon play the winners in the final.
West Junior B Football Championship
Granagh Ballingarry v Feenagh Kilmeedy; Knockaderry v Adare (to be played whenever games will resume in the new year).
Outstanding County Championship Fixtures
Given the current Level 5 Covid-19 restrictions, the CCC have made the following decision with regard to the outstanding County Hurling and Football Championships fixtures.
County Junior A Hurling Championship
Croagh Kilfinny v Claugh-aun; Dromcollogher Broadford v Patrickswell to be played in mid to late February. Finals to be played the week after the semi-finals.
County Junior A Hurling Championship Relegation Semi-Finals
Rathkeale v Old Christians will not now take place as the County Junior B Hurling Championship will not take place.
County Premier Minor Football Championship Final
Fr. Casey’s v Newcastle West to be played in January with a three-week lead time.
County Minor A Football Championship Final
Adare v South Liberties to be played in January with a three-week lead time.
County Premier U21 A and B and 13-a-Side Football Championships
All to be redrawn with two chances to be played in January and February.
County Junior B Hurling Championship
Divisions may finish out their respective cham-pionships. County championships will be played.
County Junior B Football Championship
Divisions to finish off their respective championships. Two clubs from each division required for next season.
County Junior A Football Championship
County Junior B Football Championship will not be played.
Limerick Win Division 4
National Football League Division 4 Round 7
Limerick 1-16, Sligo 1-14
Congratulations to the Limerick senior footballers and management team on their thrilling two-point victory over gallant Sligo in Markievicz on Saturday to win the National Football League Division 4 title to add to the McGrath Cup victory in January and promotion to Division 4 for 2021. We wish the boys in green and white the best of luck this Saturday against Waterford in the quarter-final of the Munster Senior Football Championship in Fraher Field at 7pm.
Division 1 Titles
National Hurling League Division Final and Munster Championship Quarter Final
Limerick 0-36,
Clare 1-23
Hearty congratulations to the Limerick senior hurlers and our own Donal O’Grady, a member of the management team on winning back-to-back National Hurling League Division 1 titles and qualifying for the Munster Championship semi-final with an impressive a victory neighbours Clare at Semple Stadium, Thurles on Sunday. We wish the boys in green and white the best of luck in the Munster Championship semi-final against All-Ireland Champions Tipp-erary on Sunday 1st November in Pairc Ui Chaoimh at 4pm.
Saturday 31st October
Joe McDonagh Cup Senior Hurling Round 2
Westmeath v Kerry in Cusack Park, Mullingar at 1.30pm; Carlow v Antrim in Cullen Park at 2pm.
Munster Senior Football Championship Quarter Final
Limerick v Waterford in Fraher Field at 7pm.
Ulster Senior
Football Championship Preliminary Round
Monaghan v Cavan in Clones at 1.15pm.
Leinster Senior Hurling Championship
Dublin v Kilkenny in Croke Park at 3.45pm; Galway v Wexford in Croke Park at 6.15pm
Munster Senior Hurling Championship
Cork v Waterford in Semple Stadium, Thurles at 3.30pm.
Christy Ring Cup Senior Hurling Round 2A
Down v Derry in Ballycran at 1.30pm.
Nickey Rackard Cup Senior Hurling Round 2A
Donegal v Armagh in Letterkenny at 1.30pm; Tyrone v Mayo in Healy Park, Omagh at 2pm.
Sunday 1st November
Connacht Senior Football Championship
Quarter Final
Leitrim v Mayo in Pairc Sean MacDiarmada at 1.15pm.
Leinster Senior Football Championship Round 1
Louth v Longford in Cusack Park, Mullingar at 1.30pm; Wexford v Wicklow in Wexford Park at 1.30pm; Offaly v Carlow in O’Connor Park, Tullamore at 1.30pm.
Munster Senior Football Championship
Quarter Final
Tipperary v Clare, Semple Stadium, Thurles at 1pm.
Ulster Senior Football Championship
Quarter Finals
Donegal v Tyrone in Ballybofey at 1.30pm; Derry v Armagh in Celtic Park at 4pm.
Munster Senior Hurling Championship Semi-Final
Tipperary v Limerick in Pairc Ui Chaoimh at 4pm.
Christy Ring Cup Senior Hurling Round 2A
Kildare v Wicklow in Newbrodge at 12.30pm
Lory Meagher Cup Senior Hurling Round 2
Fermanagh v Cavan in Brewster Park at 2pm.