Granagh/Ballingarry GAA Club Notes:

Granagh/Ballingarry Bid for fifth West B Title on Saturday:
Dromcollogher Broadford GAA Club in Dromcollogher is the venue on Saturday 23rd Deptember at 4pm for the eagerly awaited clash for the fourth time since 2012 of four times winners (2003, 2015, 2016 and 2020) Granagh Ballingarry and (2012, 2017) champions, great rivals Feohanagh Castlemahon in the West Limerick Junior B Hurling Championship final.
This is the climax of the 2023 West Limerick Junior B Hurling Championship and the 39 final in the present format since Kilcornan beat Ardagh by one point 1-6 to 1-5 in the first one in1985. The trophy they are playing for is the May Sexton Memorial Perpetual Cup. Both sides are in the final meet after playing a lot of good hurling on the way and it will be their fourth meeting in the decider since 2012 eith the Feohanagh Castlemahon boys winning the 2012 and 2017 finds and Granagh Ballingarry the 2015 and 2020 deciders.
Feohanagh Castlemahon have won nine and last won of their ten games played this season. They finished top of group two in the West Junior B Hurling League on ten points to qualify for the semi final where they went under to Kildimo Pallaskenry by 5 points 1-18 to 1-13. In the West Junior B Hurling Championship, they finished top of the group four on four points to qualify for a quarter final clash with St. Kieran’s who they defeated 3-10 to 0-8 and Adare in the semi-final to qualify for Saturday’s West Limerick Junior B Hurling Championship final meeting with West and County Junior B Hurling champions and last years defeated finalists Granagh Ballingarry results as follows: West Junior B Hurling League Group 2
Round 1: Feohanagh Castlemahon 1-16 Feenagh Kilmeedy 0-15
Round 2: Feohanagh Castlemahon 3-15 Askeaton 0-11
Round 3 Feohanagh Castlemahon 3-11 Dromcollogher Broadford 0-8
Round 4: Feohanagh Castlemahon 0-21 Croagh Kilfinny 0-14
Round 5: Feohanagh Castlemahon 2-22 St. Kieran’s 2-14
West Junior B Hurling League Semi Final
Kildimo Pallaskenry 1-18 Feohanagh Castlemahon 1-13
West Junior B Hurling Championship group 2
Round 1 Feohanagh Castlemahon Dromcollogher Broadford 1-7
Round 2 Feohanagh Castlemahon 0-12 Feenagh Kilmeedy 2-15
West Junior B Hurling Championship Quarter Final
Feohanagh Castlemahon 3-10 St. Kieran’s 0-8
West Junior B Hurling Championship Semi Final
Feohanagh Castlemahon 3-8 Adare 2-5
Feohanagh Castlemahon team: Gerard Sexton, Michael Flynn, Sean Downey, Shane Brouder, Eoin Murphy, Patrick Lomasney, Conor Noonan, Sean McMahon, Niall Kennedy, Padraig O’Donnell, Martin Downes, Damien Brouder, Kieran Guina, Jamie Butler, Jack Roche. Subs: Jamie Whelan, Eamonn Shanahan, John Histon, John Francis Reidy, John O’Brien, Patrick Murray.
Granagh Ballingarry have won all fourteen of their games played their season, to win both the west and county junior B hurling league the Dinny A Cup Junior B Tournament finished to of group 1 in the West Junior B Hurling Championship on six points to qualify for the quarter meeting with Killeedy who they defeated 1-17 to 2-5 and holders Knockaderry in the semi final 3-14 to 0-7 to set Saturday’s clash with great rivals Feohanagh Castlemahon for the fourth time since 2012 a first since 2020 in the West Junior B Hurling Championship finals in Pairc Caoimh Uí Luing, Feenagh at 5.30pm, Results as follows:

Round 1: Granagh/Ballingarry 4-20, Monagea 1-8
Round 2: Granagh/Ballingarry 1-15, Kildimo/Pallaskenry 3-6
Round 3: Granagh/Ballingarry 2-17, Knockaderry 2-9
Round 4: Granagh/Ballingarry 5-17, Tournafulla 0-14
Round 5: Granagh/Ballingarry w/o Newcastlewest scr
West Junior B Hurling League Final
Granagh/Ballingarry 3-14, Croagh/Kilfinny 1-13
West Junior B Hurling League Final
Granagh/Ballingarry 3-10, Kildimo/Pallaskenry 0-17
County Junior B Hurling League Semi Final
Granagh/Ballingarry 0-16, Cappamore 2-9
County Junior B Hurling League Final
Granagh/Ballingarry 3-21, Caherline 1-3
Dinny As Cup Junior Hurling Tournament Final
Granagh/Ballingarry 31-7, Camogue Rovers 3-14
West Junior B Hurling Championship Group 1
Round 1: Granagh/Ballingarry 3-20, Monagea 0-9
Round 2: Granagh/Ballingarry 4-23, Askeaton 0-8
Round 3: Granagh/Ballingarry 0-17, Adare 0-11
West Junior B Hurling Championship Quarter Final
Granagh/Ballingarry 1-17, Killeedy 2-5
West Junior B Hurling Championship Semi Final
Granagh/Ballingarry 3-14, Knockaderry 0-7
Granagh/Ballingarry: Keith O’Kelly, Mickey O’Keeffe, Eoin Enright (1-0 penalty), Ger Ryan, Marcus Moore, John Carroll (captain), Mark O’Shea, Owen Lynch (0-7 frees), Pat Carroll, Jim O’Keeffe (0-1), Eoin Lynch (1-3), Eoin Herlihy, Eoin Horgan (0-2), John O’Grady (1-0), Brendan Lynch. Subs used: Thomas O’Donovan, Jack Hartnet, Brian Mulqueen, Niall Carroll, Padraig McKenna. Other panel members Mick Carroll, Kieran Condron, Dean Clancy, Mark Tierney, Edward Sheehy, Richie O’Keeffe, Edward Sheehy, Gearóid Lynch, Aaran Smith.

Granagh/Ballingarry West Junior B Hurling Championship Winning Teams:
2003: Granagh/Ballingarry 3-9, Newcastlewest 2-8 at Croagh on Friday 3rd September 2003.
Granagh/Ballingarry, Jimmy Shiels, Liam Carroll, Ollie O’Brien, Aidan Barrett, Shane Clifford, Brian Fitzgerald (captain), Neil Dunworth, John Carroll (0-1), Kieran Mulqueen, Conor Mulqueen, John O’Sullivan (0-1), Brian Kennedy (0-1), Jim O’Keeffe (0-1), Billy O’Connor (2-1), John Paul Morrisson (1-4). Subs: Edmond Cullane, Neville O’Donnell, Kevin Carroll, Mick Houlihan, Mark Tierney Holmes and Paul McCarthy.
Note: The Newcastlewest boys avenged this eight weeks later with a one point 0-8 to 0-7 win to captive county championship honours on Sunday 28th October at Dromcollogher courtesy of a late Vincent Sheehan point.
2015 Granagh/Ballingarry 0-12, Feohanagh/Castlemahon 1-8 at Dromcollogher on Saturday 19th September 2015.
Granagh/Ballingarry: Conor Mulqueen, Michael O’Keeffe, Eoin Cahill, Stephen Hickey, Mark Tierney (captain), Michael Walsh, Edward Sheehy, Eoin Casey (0-1), Brian Fitzgerald, Mark Snow (0-1), Kieran Condron, Michael O’Rourke, Padraig Lynch (0-1), John O’Grady (0-7), Jack O’Donoghue (0-1). Subs: Kevin O’Kelly (0-1), Richie O’Keeffe. Other panel members used in the course of the 2015 championship: Neil Dunworth, Alan Chawke, Niall Carroll, Patrick Potter, Kevin Forde, Patrick Shelton, Aaron Smith, Brian Healy, Kevin Mulcahy, Gordon Cagney, James Hayes, Marcus Moore, Dean Clancy, Aaron O’Kelly, Brian Noonan, Niall Cahill and Brendan Lynch.
2016: Granagh/Ballingarry 3-13, Newcastlewest 1-14 at Dromcollogher on Saturday 17th September 2016.
Granagh/Ballingarry: Jimmy Shiels, Mick O’Keeffe, Eoin Cahill, Michael O’Rourke (captain), Patrick Shelton, Thomas O’Donovan (0-2), Stephen Hickey, Edward Sheehy (0-1), Mark Snow (0-1), Marcus Moore (0-1), Brian Fitzgerald, Kevin O’Kelly (0-2), Marcus Moore (0-1), Brian Fitzgerald, Kevin O’Kelly (0-2), Eoin Casey (0-1), Damien O’Donovan (3-6), Darragh O’Grady. Subs used: Kieran Condron. Other panel members used in the 2016 championship were Conor Mulqueen, Michael Walsh, Richie O’Keeffe, Kieran O’Donovan, Brian Noonan, Aaron Smith, Patrick Potter, Neil Dunworth, Kevin Mulcahy, Niall Carroll, Brendan Lynch, John O’Grady, Cathal O’Keeffe and Eoin Kennedy.
2020: Granagh/Ballingarry 0-11, Feohanagh/Castlemahon 0-10 at Dromcollogher on Friday 25th June 2021.
Granagh/Ballingarry: Jimmy Shiels (0-1 free), Mickey )’Keeffe, Donagh McCarthy, Mike Carroll, Brendan Lynch, Mark Tierney, Eoin Enright, Edward Sheehy, Mike Rourke, Seán Murphy, John O’Grady (0-2 frees), Brian Noonan, Jack Hartnett (0-1), Jim O’Keeffe (captain 0-1), Gearóid Lynch (0-5 2 frees). Subs used: Kevin Forde (0-1), Brian Mulqueen, Marcus Moore, Niall Carroll. Other panel members: Conor Mulqueen, Richie O’Keeffe, Robert Noonan, Nial Fitzgerald, Kevin Mulcahy.
Granagh/Ballingarry West Junior B Hurling Championship Winning Captains
2003: Brian Fitzgerald, 2015 Mark Tierney, 2016 Mick O’@r5ourke, 2020 Jim O’Keeffe.
Granagh/Ballingarry and Feohanagh/Castlemahon West Junior B Hurling Championship Final Results
1986: Ardagh 5-6, Granagh (0-8) replay.
1991 Templeglantine 4-13, Granagh/Ballingaarry (Knockfierna Gaels) 3-3.
2002: Granagh/Ballingarry 3-11, Newcastlewest 2-14. Replay Newcastlewest 1-11, Granagh/Ballingarry 1-4.
2003: Granagh/Ballingarry 3-9, Newcastlewest 2-8.
2008: Granagh/Ballingarry 0-9, St. Mary’s Rathkeale 0-9
Replay: St. Mary’s Rathkeale 2-10, Granagh/Ballingarry 1-10.
2010: Killeedy 2-11, Feohanagh/Castlemahon 1-7.
2012: Feohanagh/Castlemahon 1-13, Granagh/Ballingarry 0-3.
2013: Templeglantine 2-16, Feohanagh/Castlemahon 2-11.
2014: Killeedy 0-13, Feohanagh/Castlemahon 0-9.
2015: Granagh/Ballingarry 0-12, Feohanagh/Castlemahon 1-8.
2016: Granagh/Ballingarry 3-13, Newcastlewest 1-14.
2019: Tournafulla 4-10, Granagh/Ballingarry 1-10
2020: Granagh/Ballingarry 0-11, Feohanagh/Castlemahon 0-10.
2022: Knockaderry 2-16, Granagh/Ballingarry 4-9.

Hopefully all the Gaels in both Granagh and Ballingarry will travel to Dromcollogher/Broadford/GAA Club Grounds in Dromcollogher on this Saturday 23rd September for the 4pm throw-8in to support the boys in black and green and their management team of Conor O’Keeffe, David Clancy, Andrew Holmes, Eoin Cahill and first and official Niamh O’Keeffe in their bid to bring the West Junior B Hurling Championship title and the Mary Sexton Memorial Cup back to the parish and club for the fifth time in 20 years and a first since 2020.

County Intermediate Hurling Championship
Group 2 Round 5:
Na Piarsaigh GAA Club Grounds, Dromgoole Park, Caherdavin is the venue on this Sunday 24th September at 5pm for the mouth-watering clash of first place on 8 points, Granagh/Ballingarry and joint third on 4 points with Feohanagh/Castlemahon in the final game of Group 2 in the Limerick County Intermediate Hurling Championship. The Granagh/Ballingarry boys top of the group on 8 points after four straight wins of Knockainey Feohanagh/Castlemahon, Croom and St. Kieran’s will be all out to make it a fifth straight win to stay top of the table on 10 points.
Murroe/Boher are third in the group on four points with St. Kieran’s after going under to Feohanagh/Castlemahon in the opening round.
Defeated St. Kieran’s went under to Knockainey and defeated Croom 1-29 to 1-17 last time out in Clarina and will be all out to take their third brace of points to stay in contention for a quarter final spot were Knockainey to defeat St. Kieran’s also played on Sunday at the same time in Fedamore.
So Dromgoole Park, Caherdavin is the place to be on this Sunday 24th September at 5pm to cheer on the boys in black and green and their management team to their fifth straight win in Group 2 of the Limerick County Intermediate Hurling Championship to finish top of the group of 10 points.

Niall Kennedy, Granagh/Ballingarry to Glencar/Manorhamilton, Leitrim. Niall has given many years of outstanding service as a player to his club. Granagh/Ballingarry winning numerous underage hurling and football medals along with West and Count Junior B Football Championship in 20910 with Ardscoil Rís he won a Hearty Cup medal in 2010 and a Munster U21 Hurling Championship medal with Limerick in 2011. We wish Niall the best of luck with his new club in Leitrim.

Limerick win Master Spirit Cup in extra time
Football Masters Spirit Cup Final:
Limerick 1-11, Armagh 1-11; Limerick 2-14, Armagh 1-13 (set).
Hearty congratulations to the Limerick Masters footballs and their management team on their historic four-point 2-14 to 1-13 victory over gallant Armagh to become the first winners of the Spirit Cup in front of a good attendance in St. Brigid’s GAA Grounds in Roscommon on Sunday.

County Junior A Football Championship
Group 1 Round 5:
Hospital/Herbertstown 4-8, Ballybricken/Bohermore 3-4.
County Junior A Football Championship
Group 2 Round 5
Mungret/St. Paul’s 6-21, Fedamore 0-4, Castletown/Ballyagran 2-7.
Note: Hospital/Herbertstown and Mungret/St. Paul’s qualify for semi finals. Quarter finals pairings Ballybricken/Bohermore v Monaleen Camogue Rovers v Castletown/Ballyagran. Relegated Adare and Na Piarsaigh.
Granagh/Ballingarry Bord nan Óg End of Season Family Day
Granagh/Ballingarry GGG Club Bord nan Óg Committee were delighted with the big turnout of 109 club players between U5, U7, U9 and U11 along with U7s from Newtownshandrum, Cork U9s from Croagh/Kilfinny, Murroe Boher, Newtown/Shandrum, Cork and the U11 team from Monagea at the Family Fun Day at Granagh/Ballingarry GAA Club Grounds in Ballingarry on Sunday morning.
A piper paraded the teams on to the pitch with a guard of honour buy the U5s and U7s events got underway with an U5 training session followed by an U7 hurling game between Granagh/Ballingarry and Newtownshandrum from North Cork.
The U9 Stephen O’Keeffe Hurling Tournament was contested by Granagh/Ballingarry, neighbours Croagh/Kilfinny, Murroe/Boher and Newtownshandrum and after and exciting close contest the Newtownshandrum boys won to take the Stephen O’Keeffe Memorial Cup back to North Cork.
The U11 hurling tournament was contested by Granagh/Ballingarry and holders Monagea with the Granagh/Ballingarry boys winning back to the cup from Monagea after a close contest.
Thank you to two times Limerick All Ireland Senior Hurling medal winner Cathal O’Neil of Crecora/Manister for signing all the kids’ hurleys, jerseys and helmets. Thanks to all the Granagh/Ballingarry Bord na nÓg committee, coaches, referees, parents, volunteers and the ladies for the teas, sandwiches and goodies served which were much appreciated by all resent. The positive feedback received was great to hear and makes the time and effort for all involved all worthwhile.

September County Club Draw:
The next Limerick County GAA Club draw is on this Saturday 29th august with a top prize of €10,000. There are a host of other prizes to be won. 2nd €3,000, 3rd €2,000, 4th €1,000, 5 exclusive star prize of a €500 voucher, 6th to 9th €500, 10th to 13th €300, 14th to 30th €200.
Granagh Ballingarry had approximately 117 members in the 3rd draw in June.
If you would like to renew your membership, please follow the links: and select Granagh Ballingarry GAA Club and the number of draws you wish to sign up for. You can also contact the Granagh Ballingarry club co-ordinator Stephen Stapleton on 086-1960301. Note all new members for the next draw must be in by Wednesday 27th August at 12 noon.

County Senior Scór Finals:
Any Granagh/Ballingarry club member who may be interested in taking part in the Limerick County Senior Scór finals which takes place on Saturday 14th October in the Community Hall, Askeaton at 8pm, should contact Maura Friel Lynch on 087 2912356. The programme includes contests in music, song and dance with group and solo classes in a variety of events. The question time finals (team of four) will be held at Mungret St. Paul’s GAA clubhouse on Friday 13th October at 7.30pm and Granagh/Ballingarry will be represented by Stephen Stapleton, Jimmy Chawke, Pat Herlihy and one to be confirmed. Your support would be appreciated for our question time team on the night.

Limerick GAA Club Championship Streaming Data and Plans for 2023:
Limerick GAA have announced various new streaming packages for the 2023 club hurling and football championship season. The packages in partnership with StreamSport will bring all the live action from around the county to your TV tablet or mobile device whether at home or away with a guaranteed minimum 30 matches across hurling and football. You can watch for as little as €3 per game with the early bird season pass option. Limerick GAA has also added a €20 discount for the first 150 customers who purchase a season ticket. The pricing structure is a single game pass €10; season pass €110 (€3.66 per game) early pass €88 (€2.93 per game). Enter discount for the early birds for the first 150 customers to avail of 20% discount 2 games weekend pass €15 (€7.70 per game), 3 game weekend pass €20 (€6.60 per game), 4 games weekend pass €24 €6.60 per game).
Pre-Purchase of club hurling and football championship tickets
All Granagh Ballingarry supporters please note that the upcoming hurling and football club championship games under the auspices of Limerick County GAA Bord are pre-purchase. Those can be purchased online via the universe system.

Club Gear:
Granagh/Ballingarry GAA Club’s tops, hoodies, tracksuits, jackets, shorts and socks can now be ordered online at product-category/clubs/granagh/ballingarry

€1,500 Jackpot on Saturday:
There was no winner of €1,400 jackpot in the Granagh/Ballingarry GAA Club lottery draw on Saturday September 18th in Buckley’s Bar, Ballingarry. The numbers drawn were 22, 25, 29 and 31. The lucky dips of €20 each went to Esther O’Doherty, Cartledge, promoter online; Áine Healy promoter Mike Healy, Darren Clifford promoter Darren Clifford, Sophie Mulqueen promoter O’Grady’s Bar/Shop Ballingarry. The next draw will be for a jackpot of €1,500 in O’Grady’s Shop/Bar on Saturday September 23rd. You can purchase a ticket from two or three for €5 and these are on sale in local shops, bars and from promotors. You can also play the weekly draw online visit the club’s Facebook or Twitter which finishes at 6pm every Saturday.
Thank you for your support.

Club Website:
Check out our club website at for all the latest club news. Our website is updated regularly and is well worth a visit. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.