Club Officer Survey:

The Club Officer survey will take place during the next three weeks.

The GAA, LGFA, and Camogie Association, in conjunction with SETU Waterford, are asking all current Club Officers – or anyone who has been an Officer in the last five uears – to help improve the volunteer experience, no matter the role, across the Gaelic Games Associations.

Supported by all Associations the survey has a number of specific aims.

It will investigate the demographic profile of Club Officers, examine their motivations for volunteering, and provide an understanding of their roles and workload.

Ultimately, it is hoped that the findings will help to improve the recruitment, retention, and support of Club Officers.

All responses will be anonymous, but anyone completing the survey will be offered the opportunity to provide their name (separate to their answers) to be considered for involvement in later focus groups that will look further into the issues and opportunities in relation to enhancing volunteering all of which will form the basis of a volunteer strategy to be produced later in 2024.

Some of the areas that will be looked at through this strategy include:

How do we ensure we have a sustainable volunteering culture?

Questions that will be asked in this area will include what volunteer roles and/or sub-committees exist? What is their purpose and how are they defined? How does everyone and everything work together? How we might be able to alleviate some of the administration on volunteers through changes to our organisation and processes.

How do we recruit and retain volunteers?

This area will focus on how the Associations can be more purposeful to get the right people, in the right role, for the right period of time. Also, it will look at having a more diverse volunteer profile where females, younger people and people not from a GAA background are more prevalent.

What supports can we make available to volunteers?

Here, we want to make sure the countless supports already in in place are as easily accessed as possible, as well as ensuring those supports are kept up-to-date and added to in line with volunteer needs.