Bank of Ireland Celtic Challenge Finals on this Saturday

The 6 Finals of the BOI Celtic Challenge will take place in BNM O’Connor Park in Tullamore this Saturday 29th June.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could promote the Finals across your channels and encourage supporters to attend. Where people aren’t able to attend they can always tune in to watch the Finals live onĀ #GAANOW.

I have attached the digital images in support of the Finals. The running order is as follows:
11.30: Leitrim v Longford
13.10: Dublin Clarke v Kerry
14.40: Derry v Galway Tribesmen
16.20: Galway Maroon v North Cork
18.00: Antrim v Kildare Cadets
19.30: Roscommon v Limerick Sarsfields

All support is greatly appreciated.