Underage training for Ladies Football U-6 to U-12 resumed on Saturday 31 August at 11am in the Village Pitch. New players and coaches are always welcome. If you require any further information Catherine Murphy can be contacted on 087-6533347


Mungret St. Pauls 7-19 Knockainey 6-9

On Monday 26 August in Knockainey our U-16 hurlers got stuck into their second last game of the group. They played a stormer as did Knockainey with very high scores on both sides Mungret St. Pauls had the upper hand and with this win they stay on top of the table and are into a semi final having won all their matches they only have Cappamore left to play on Monday 2 September at home.


Mungret St. Pauls 0-12 Ahane 0-15

This was a slow game to start with Ahane getting the better of Mungret St. Pauls, the rain did not help, on Tuesday 27 August in Mungret.

It took Mungret St. Pauls 6 minutes to get a score started, this was to match Ahanes point. There was a lot of play on the field with little score to show. Ahane had 2 more points up before Mungret St. Pauls put the ball over the bar again. Ahane played strong and added on another 3 points while Mungret St. Pauls were hitting wides, their third point of the game came with 5 minutes left in the first half. Mungret St. Pauls were taking on challenges in the forwards trying to get the ball over the goal line but Ahane foiled each try.

The second half started out similar to the first with Ahane taking the first point. Mungret St. Pauls went for a goal again but had to take a point from the 65. Just before the third quarter of the game Mungret St. Pauls put in a lot of work and leveled the game, they went on and took the lead for the first time by two points. Ahane put their foot down and added 5 points to regain the lead. As time was running out and 4 minutes left to go it was frees that lead to the final scores, Mungret St. Pauls and Ahane pointing 3 each with Ahane taking a 3 point win.

This was not a great game for Mungret St. Pauls this loss means they need to win their final match to bring them through to a semi final.


Mungret St. Pauls 0-12 Na Piarsaigh 0-11

Wednesday 28 August in Mungret our Junior Footballers took on Na Piarsaigh in what was an evenly matched game with entertaining moments. There was very little paper left in the refs book and every colour card shown through the match.

It was a very slow starting game, Mungret St. Pauls had a slight breeze with them but it did not make much difference to the game. By the first quarter of the game there was only 3 points scored, Mungret St. Pauls with 2 and Na Piarsaigh with the remaining 1. There was a lot of failed attempts from both sides as each side got into the game. Na Piarsaigh leveled the game shortly after the next 9 balls sent toward the crossbars to finish the game were all skillfully pointed. Mungret St. Pauls going in with 8 points while Na Piarsaigh had 5.

It only took Na Piarsaigh 4 minutes to draw the game, Mungret St. Pauls took another 4 minutes to score for the first time in the second half. The game drew another 3 times but with time running out it was Mungret St. Pauls that were lucky enough to get in the final point to win the game.


Mungret St. Pauls 7-10 Claughaun 5-5
On Thursday 29 August in Claughaun our Minor footballers played a great exhibition of football. They took their scoring chances when they could but when they dropped their defenses was when Claughaun attacked and took their scores. This was a great win and much needed win for this team.


Mungret St. Pauls 3-16 Bruff 1-13

This was a very 2 sided game with Mungret St. Pauls hitting more wides than points in the first half and Bruff scoring from all over the pitch, even the sideline. The second half was the Limerick Motor Centre sponsored Premier Intermediate hurling teams game as they took over and came from 8 points behind to win by 9 points in Mick Neville Park on Friday 30 August 2019.

After 2 placed balls were sent to the wrong side of the upright for Mungret St. Pauls, it was a ball that went over the crossbar but batted down by the Bruff goalie that opened the games score board. The ball was sent up the other end where the Mungret St. Pauls goalie refused to let the ball past him and went to a 65 which Bruff were unable to point it. It took Bruff 9 minutes to get into the game but when they did they put up 6 points in as many minutes. It was into the second quarter before Mungret St. Pauls scored for the second time, Bruff equaled this point along with Mungret St. Pauls next 3 points to finish out the half. Mungret St. Pauls went in 8 points behind 0-5 to 1-10.

In the second half there was a substitution for Mungret St. Pauls and they now had what was a very strong breeze with them which may have been the factors to the change in the game as Mungret St. Pauls did not just up their game they broke the sound barrier. Bruff opened the half with a point from play but Mungret St. Pauls attacked hard as the ball was struck toward the goal and Mungret St. Pauls could see the light of a possible win. Just going into the final quarter of the game Mungret St. Pauls had pointed 6 balls to level the score while keeping Bruff with no additional scores. Looking for more Mungret St. Pauls saw their chance again and hit the net, they had not had a lead since their first point. Bruff got in a chance to point a placed ball to keep them in the game, Mungret St. Pauls struck 3 more points to bridge the gap. With only 5 minutes left in the game Bruff pointed from the field. A free for Mungret St. Pauls from the far 21 yard line really got the supporters going as they watched with excitement as they tracked the ball over the bar. Bruff did not lie down and kept battling but needed goals, the Mungret St. Pauls defenses closed in tight on the Bruff players and made it very difficult for them to get any ball through and when a ball did sneak past the goalie was waiting to release it to the field again. Another last point for Mungret St. Pauls before the final score, the ball was close to the Bruff goals, the goalie came out, lost possession and leaving the goals exposed for Mungret St. Pauls to take advantage and score a goal from pulling on the ground. A great way to finish off the game that had Mungret St. Pauls supporters hearts working hard to keep up with the fast pace of the game.

The Premier Intermediates are now guaranteed a place in the Semi Finals with one game left to play.


Mungret St. Pauls 2-10 Ballysteen 3-10

This as the second time our players traveled to Ballysteen to play the match, the first time the game was not played on Saturday 31 August 2019. This was Mungret St. Pauls last game in the group and they needed the win but the game that played out was dictated by penalties.

Mungret St. Pauls took an early lead but were put to the test early also, with only one point on the scoreboard, Ballysteen were awarded a penalty which was cleared to the end line, the resulting 45 did not deliver a score. Mungret St. Pauls went themselves for a goal but this also was cleared to a 45 but this one was pointed. A further 2 points from play were added to Mungret St. Pauls and by the tenth minute Ballysteen pointed their first ball from a free. Mungret St. Pauls were back on the attack as the ball was sent strong toward to the right of the goal looking like it was going to be overshot before a quick thinking forward pounced and punched the ball into the back of the net to bring the lead to 6 points. The last quarter of the half saw each side equal each others points with the half time score 1-8 to 0-5 to Mungret St. Pauls retaining their 6 point lead.

Ballysteen were first out of the blocks in the restart pointing from play, Mungret St. Pauls took on the Ballysteen goalie again but the goalie got his hands to the ball first. Ballysteen went on to score another point from a free before they were given another goal chance with their second penalty but the quick hands of the Mungret St. Pauls goalie saved it out to play and back to a point. On the eight minute of the half, Ballysteen ran the ball up the side crossed the goal and into the net to level the game and holing Mungret St. Pauls scoreless in the second half. This run of scores for Ballysteen were aided by their third penalty, this time third time lucky they netted the ball. Mungret St. Pauls regained their composure and with a free kick pointed followed with a great handpass, only one point separated the teams. It was then Mungret St. Pauls chance when they were given their only penalty of the game but this was taken with great force and straight past the Ballysteen goalie. It was not long though before Ballysteen came back to level the game again and just into the final quarter of the game Ballysteen struck again and scored their third goal. Both sides went on to struggle to score with multiple wides. Ballysteen ended the game with 2 points from frees. Mungret St. Pauls now have to wait for the rest of the teams to finish their final games off before they know where they sit in the group.


Well done to all our players who got to represent Limerick in the recent tournaments, we are delighted to be one of the clubs with the most players over the different age groups. U16 hurlers were Billy Molyneux, Liam Lynch and Barry Duff. U14 hurlers were John Wright, Robert O’Brien, Fintan Fitzgerald, Marcus Lyons with manager Kevin O’Hagan and U15 hurlers JJ Harrington

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